Details - Cat Collar

• Personalized Engraved ID Cat Collar: Give your feline friend a stylish and unique look with a custom-engraved collar that showcases their individuality.

• Easily Adjustable for a Perfect Fit: Ensure optimum comfort for your cat with an adjustable collar that can be easily resized to fit their neck size.

• Safety Breakaway Feature for Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing that the collar is designed with a breakaway feature, allowing your cat to safely escape if their collar gets caught on something.

• Includes a Charming Bell for Added Playfulness: Let your cat roam and explore with a collar that features a delightful bell, adding a touch of playfulness to their every movement.

• Crafted from Durable Nylon Material: This collar is made from high-quality nylon, providing durability and long-lasting use to withstand your cat's daily adventures.

• Designed to Fit Small, Medium, and Large Cats Comfortably: Whether you have a playful kitten or a majestic adult cat, this collar is designed to accommodate cats of all sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for your furry companion.