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Monkey Munch

Monkey Munch

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Unleash the playful side of your pup with our "Monkey Munch" Corduroy Chew Toy! This adorable monkey-shaped toy is made from durable corduroy material, perfect for chewing and teething. With a built-in squeaker and vibrant colors, it guarantees hours of fun and excitement. Promote dental health and let your furry friend go bananas for this playful chew toy. Get your paws on the "Monkey Munch" toy and make every day a wild adventure!


• Promotes Happiness and Mental Stimulation: Keep your dog engaged and entertained with a chew toy that helps combat loneliness and ward off feelings of depression.

• Fosters Social Interaction and Playfulness: Encourage your furry friend to interact with others and develop their social skills through interactive play with this engaging chew toy.

• Supports an Active and Healthy Lifestyle: Encourage your dog to stay active and maintain a fit lifestyle by providing them with a durable chew toy that promotes physical activity.

• Promotes Optimal Dental Health: This chew toy is designed to help keep your dog's teeth clean and gums healthy by gently massaging their gums and reducing plaque buildup.

• Designed with Safety in Mind: Rest assured that this chew toy is carefully crafted to be tough and durable, ensuring it's not easily swallowed or broken into small pieces, prioritizing your dog's safety during playtime.

• High-Quality Corduroy Material: Made from premium corduroy fabric, this chew toy offers durability and texture that your dog will love sinking their teeth into.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jeffrey Jones
Perfect Toy

The dog adore. Thank you

Jason Brown
Dog Joy

Just like in the picture. My dog loves it.

Stephanie Williams
Cuddly Toy

I didn't expect the cuddly toy to be so cute! It is really like in the photos and is perfect for your puppy's teeth.

Sharon Johnson
Great Quality

I thought this would be super cheap and fall apart but it’s actually a really nice dog toy! Medium sized and very cute!

Edward Smith
Well Made

.very well made !! my dogs love them